Acadia National Park

Acadia National ParkEstablished by Woodrow Wilson in 1916 with 6,000 acres, Acadia now covers more than 49,000 acres thanks to the remarkable dedication and philanthropy of wealthy private citizens such as Charles W. Eliot, George B. Dorr, and JohnD. Rockefeller, Jr. Day 7 of our New England Tour takes us through Acadia National Park. Located […]

Cody – Wyoming

Incorporated in 1901, Cody, Wyoming was founded in 1896 by Colonel William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, who passed through the region in the 1870s. He was so impressed by the development possibilities of irrigation, rich soil, grand scenery, hunting, and proximity to Yellowstone National Park that he returned in the mid-1890s to start a town. Today, […]

Beartooth Highway

Beartooth Highway has been called “the most beautiful drive in America”. The 68 mile stretch of Highway 212 offers breathtaking views of Absaroka and the Beartooth Mountains. While traveling through both Montana and Wyoming the highway summits at Beartooth Pass, an amazing 10,947 feet above sea level. And if that is not enough, there are […]

Teton National Park

Located in the northwest corner of Wyoming and only a few miles from Yellowstone, Teton National Park has it all. The Teton Mountain Range is 40 miles long, contains 12 peaks over 12,000 feet in elevation, has seven lakes at the base of the range, and has more animals than you can count. Some really […]

Welcome 2022! – Tour Schedule

As we begin 2022, we want to say thank you to our Ride America family for making 2021 a success. We hope that 2022 is filled with joy and wonderful memories for you and your family. We also want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. In 2022, you have four exciting destinations to choose […]